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Why should I use MST-BAR for reinforcing concrete structures?

  • MST-Rebar is a fiberglass rebar specifically engineered and designed with an Integral Rib that mechanically locks it into concrete.
  • Unlike every other rebar, including traditional steel and other fiberglass rebars, the only way to pull it out is to break the concrete itself.
  • No other glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) rebar, and certainly not steel rebar, can compete with MST-BAR's:
    - 3x bond strength
    - 3x tensile strength
    - 20x fatigue resistance
  • MST-BAR is a more durable solution to concrete reinforcement.

Why do builders and contractors prefer it over steel rebar?

  • Builders and contractors are discovering the labor savings of using MST-BAR fiberglass rebar. Specifically, MST-BAR is
    - 4x lighter than steel
    - MST-Bar allows workers to install rebar with ease and reduce workplace injury.
  • Saving labor reduces the time builders and contractors are on each job site. The installation of MST-BAR fiberglass rebar:
    - takes half the time to install with half the number of workers
    - requires ZERO maintenance and repairs
    - Builders experience increased productivity with MST-BAR, allowing them to achieve more projects in a month or the same number of projects.

What are the other benefits of MST-BAR over steel rebar?

  • Non-Corrosive (suited to any environmental exposure)
  • Non-Conductive (does NOT conduct heat, cold, or electricity)
  • Easy to Transport (75% lighter than steel, saving on shipping costs)
  • Easy to Cut (especially when using a diamond blade)

Where can MST-BAR be used?

  • Virtually anywhere you can use steel, you can use MST-BAR instead.

Applications of MST-BAR fiberglass rebar include but are not limited to:

  • ICF Walls:
    - Used for horizontal and vertical reinforcement, MST-BAR is the best fiberglass rebar with our SuperForm Insulated Concrete Forms.
    - The Integral Rib locks the concrete inside SuperForm ICF causing fewer cracks.
    - MST-BAR's Alternative Innovative Corner Support method uses straight lengths of MST-BAR in the most vulnerable area of an ICF wall: the corner. This alternative method has been 3rd party tested and proven to provide a stronger corner than traditional bent bar applications. However, pre-bends of MST-BAR are available.
  • Flatwork - MST-BAR Grade I and Grade II are engineered for concrete flatwork.
    - Whether it is a patio, driveway, or concrete slab, MST-BAR comes in diameters between 8mm - 10mm and is offered at lengths of 4ft - 60ft.
    - Due to its non-conductive nature, no grounding is required.

Is MST-BAR CSA/ACI approved?

  • All MST-BAR fiberglass rebar complies with CSA S807 and ACI 440 codes including additional compliance and design codes.

What are the Bar Sizes & Weight of MST-BAR?

MST-10 #3 Grade | (10mm) 2.1 500 1050
MST-11 #3 (10mm) 2.62 500 1310
MST-13 #4 (13mm) 4.6 250 1150
MST-15 #5 (15mm) 7.12 200 1424
MST-17 #6 (20mm) 10.21 150 1531
MST-19 #8 (25mm) 18 75 1350

*Custom legths and bends are an option. Contact more for info.
-Sold per lift

Need more info on MST-BAR?

Visit SuperForm's MST-BAR Product Knowledge Base to learn more about MST-BAR specs, the design manual for below-grade ICF walls, durability test results, and more.

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