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ICF Accessories

SuperForm 4” Tape

The 4" SuperForm Tape is used to cover the interlock system on the top of a wall to prevent concrete from flowing into the interlocking locking knobs during the concrete pour. The dimensions are 4” wide X 215’ long.

  • 30 rolls per box
  • Sold individually or per box
4” Tape

ICF Screws

ICF screws by ClearCo Fasteners are the perfect option for attaching to SuperForm. The screw features a loose washer design and each screw is hardened and galvanized. They are course thread which provides maximum attachment to SuperForm’s plastic webs.

  • 2"500 per box
  • 3"500 per box

3" and 2" respectively.

Fiber Tape

Fiber Tape is used to provide additional EPS support for field cut forms that have more than 4” (100mm) of EPS extending past the last web, brick ledge forms in corner conditions, and radius panel.

  • 9 rolls per sleeve
  • Sold per sleeve

ICF Hangers


The embedded legs of the ICFVL are embossed for additional stiffness, and the hole enables concrete to flow through and around the connector. The exposed flange on the face of the ICF provides a structural surface for mounting either a wood or steel ledger.


J-hook ledger attachment slips over the appropriate ledger connector under the ledger.


Eight screws are installed through the ledger attachment into the ICFVL plate, holding up to 1,940 pounds per hanger.

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