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Meet the ICF Block System

ICF is an attractive building material that offers reduced costs and increased comfort for homeowners because it is energy-efficient, disaster-resilient, and comfortable.

MST Fiber Glass Rebar

Why should I use MST-BAR for reinforcing concrete structures?

Builders and contractors are discovering the labor savings of using MST-BAR fiberglass rebar. Specifically, MST-BAR is


The best choice for foundation forming and drainage Product Type: Dual-Wall

Steel Rebar

A615 rebar increases the tensile strength of concrete, and can be used for both primary and secondary reinforcement. It helps absorb stress and weight, and facilitates the more even distribution of the tension caused by the expansion and contraction of concrete when it is exposed to heat and cold, respectively.


Soprema is a high-quality, self-adhesive, rubberized peel and stick sheet designed for damp-proofing SuperForm ICF construction. Benefits include high tensile strength and puncture resistance, greater flexibility and consistent thickness, ensuring the high-end waterproofing required to give you peace of mind that your below-grade builds won’t leak.

Foam Board Insulation

SuperForm EPS+ is a high-grade, dependable rigid foam insulation product that is manufactured from sustainable, expanded polystyrene (EPS).

SuperForm MAX+ is a premium rigid foam insulation with all the performance attributes of EPS+ but has the added benefit of a unique graphite cell structure, Neopor® graphite polystyrene, reflecting radiant heat.

ICF Accessories

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Super Panel

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